Our Story

why character matters most...

JG Tumbling and Training Corp is a family owned business.  We began our business journey in August 2016. 

Coach John has extensive training in martial arts, sport acro, tumbling, sports training and personal training.  He not only trains the physical (body) but the mental (mind) as well.  He has a great deal of experience dealing with mental blocks. 

Jill has been in the customer service industry since she was a teenager.  She worked in her parents salon and eventually managed 3 locations learning all aspects of running a business.  She also has experience with children including volunteering at her children's schools, teaching Jr. Jazzercise, being a pre-school teacher and assisting John teach. 

Natalia, their youngest daughter, is an assistant coach.  She is learning a lot from Dad and truly enjoys teaching.  She has the opportunity as a young teenager to learn the many aspects of running a business and teaching children.